Our Mission

"Our goal for the Camelot Project is to create an immersive medieval fairytale experience for visitors to downtown Alliance. One of my privileges as the head artist is to create a traditional style Coat of Arms for each organization who makes a monetary contribution towards completing this community improvement project , specifically, a shield design. These shields will be displayed as a permanent feature of our completed building.

The practice of creating and studying coats of arms is called Heraldry. The practice began on the medieval battlefield so that soldiers could recognize their friends and foes from a great distance. The shield in a coat of arms can also be called an escutcheon,  surcoat, or tabard. There are centuries old traditions as to what colors, patterns, and the order in which those colors and patterns can be displayed on a shield. These traditions are called "The Rules of Blazonry". Each color, pattern, and image all must have specific symbolic attributes. It is extremely common in heraldry to utilize a pun in reference to a shield's imagery and the name of the shield bearer - it helps people remember the organization better.

Heraldry has been a hobby of mine for the last 15 years, so I have found this to be a very fun part of our project. We have custom designed a shield specifically for your organization, all colors, symbols, and designs with great care. We hope that you enjoy the symbolism and we also hope that you will join us in our campaign to create a wonderful destination for tourism in Alliance. Thank you for your time to consider our proposal!


The coat of arms above is an explanation of the symbolism that can be found in our designs. Above is the coat of arms of Villa Maria. Villa is a vacation home for romans. Maria is saint. The stars mean a scared duty of caring for others. Blue represent calmness of the ocean.